The Bakhita Initiative Continues the Fight Against Desertification (Part 2)

The Bakhita Initiative (JDPC Sokoto) is proud to announce the second phase of its tree-planting project in Gumburawa, Dambuwa, Sokoto State. This initiative, launched in collaboration with the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, aims to:

  • Combat desertification: Planting trees helps prevent land degradation and restore the ecological balance.
  • Promote environmental sustainability: A greener environment benefits everyone.

Building Partnerships for a Greener Future

The Bakhita Initiative recognizes that environmental challenges require a collective effort. They are actively engaging:

  • Religious community: Working with the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto to spread awareness and inspire action.
  • Concerned individuals: Encouraging everyone to participate in the fight against desertification.

Collaboration is Key: St. Patrick Catholic Church Joins the Movement

Rev. Fr. Charles Adigwe, Parish Priest of St. Patrick Catholic Church, Raymond Village, has expressed his strong support for the initiative. He has:

  • Offered land for tree planting: The parish grounds are now home to newly planted trees.
  • Committed to protecting young trees: Ensuring the survival of these trees during their crucial nursery stage.

Beyond Planting Trees: Empowering the Community

The Bakhita Initiative is committed to long-term environmental change. They are:

  • Promoting reforestation: Planting trees not just on parish grounds but throughout the community.
  • Encouraging community involvement: Inspiring parishioners to plant trees in their neighborhoods.

Working Together for a Sustainable Sokoto

By fostering collaboration and community engagement, the Bakhita Initiative’s tree-planting project is making a real difference:

  • Mitigating the effects of desertification: Combating land degradation for a healthier environment.
  • Promoting sustainable practices: Encouraging long-term environmental stewardship.

The Bakhita Initiative serves as a powerful example of how dedication and collaboration can create a greener future for Sokoto.

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