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Department of Church and Society, CSN

About the Department of Church and Society

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About the Department of Church and Society

About the Department of Church and Society
October 10
12:56 2023

The Department of Church and society seeks to understand and address social issues such as poverty, inequality, racial injustice, environmental concerns, human rights, and other societal challenges. It aims to create awareness, advocate for change, and develop practical solutions. The department actively engages in promoting social justice by advocating for fair and equitable policies and systems. It work towards reducing discrimination, fighting for human rights, advocating for marginalized communities, and addressing systemic injustices.

Going forward, the department coordinate and provide social services to those in need, such as community outreach programs, emergency assistance, counseling services, educational initiatives, and support for vulnerable populations. Encourages community engagement and collaboration by organizing events, workshops, conferences, and dialogues that promote understanding, bridge divides, and foster unity among diverse units and promote environmental stewardship.

The department puts in efforts to influence public policy, encouraging lawmakers and policymakers to enact legislation that aligns with the values and principles of the religious institution. This involve lobbying, policy research, and collaboration with other organizations. The Department of Church and Society plays a role in educating and empowering members of the religious institution on social issues, encouraging them to take action and make a positive impact in their communities. Welcome to the Department.

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